Nevada, and Vernon County music scene

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Giants, Dragons, Heroes, and Apes

After the arrival of the twentieth year for Dangerous Doug Harper things promise to change to something different, better, brighter, and more exciting than what has previously been. We found ourselves in the driveway to a small three bedroom house on Clay Street in Nevada, MO. It was the eve of the NEW year as Dangerous Doug loaded up the backseat of the car with his guitar and other gear that was needed, then readied himself for the awaiting gig. In the near distance an unusual fog slowly drifted in. An alarming sound of shrieking coming from a nearly nine foot giant man.

“Get down!” he now shrieked a second time. Promptly Dangerous Doug obliged the shrieking request and dropped to the ground with out a second thought to the quite unusual giant man.

A flying, spinning, sharp, and silver axe just missed hitting Doug in the head, and stuck into the side of the nearby house just beside a window still proudly displaying a festive Christmas tree, with flashing lights.

“Who’s there?, Who threw that?” questioned Doug gazing into the foggy shadow of an ape-like creature. The ape then moved out of the fog with his breath steaming the nineteen degree weather that night. The giant then charged the ape and pummeled him in the face with his over-sized hands. Blood showered from the apes nose and face as he fell unconscious in the street.

“My name is Andy, the Giant of Flight Lake, I have been sent to protect you sir. You are in great danger” the giant then explained. The giant then continued very somberly.

“The whole city is in danger”

The giant then handed a scroll to Dangerous Doug, and magically turned himself into an acoustic guitar with the letter A etched into the headstock.

“Just say Arrive Andy, when you need me” the voice of the giant was then heard mysteriously from the guitar sound hole. Doug put the guitar into a brown guitar case, clasp the latches, and got into the car.

The car raced off to avoid more attacks from the axe welding ape. A few miles down the road Doug pulled over into a gas station parking lot to examine the scroll given to him by Andy, Giant of Flight Lake.

As Doug opened up the scroll dust puffed up like smoke and the faded text read:


The 2013 Dragon Fire Jackalope Prophecy: There is a Dragon that will destroy the city of Nevada, Missouri and all that dwell in it by burning it with its magic fire breath during the first quarter of the year 2013. Unless one can find the Sword of the Jackalope hidden in the Black Hills of South Dakota, summon the band Tonia to destroy the Mighty Alien Jackalope King and then cut off his horns and drive them into the Dragons heart.


Doug started the car and headed to the gig at Backroads Steakhouse to perform early and then headed to Viking’s to be the DJ and bring in the NEW year.

The next day Doug got ready for his greatest quest ever…

Ashlee and Doug’s Casual Wedding

The happy couple have decided to join together in marriage! Recently the two have been engaged and plan to make a home together with their wonderful 9 month old daughter Rylee. They will be having a small casual dress wedding prior to their moving into the new home together. The event will be followed a few months later with a more official formal event (date still to be announced) but they are eager to unite just as the NEW year begins setting the stage for a long and happy life together. The casual wedding event will be held at the Christ Church of Nevada, MO located at 301 South Main Street, behind McDonalds, and will take place at 7 PM. If you would like to attend just show up, no RSVP is needed, and remember that it is casual dress.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

It is going to be a great year! Stay tuned and find out all of the NEW projects going on this year right here!