Nevada, and Vernon County music scene

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New year everyone! I recently discovered that I was hitting the 20 year mark as being a musician and I realized that I have so much more to do. So I have been slacking on my blogging this last year so here we go... I hope to update you all at least once a month (time permitting of course), and fuse our lives together a little bit more.

Let us catch up. Most of the last year was spent working on the movie that I have written and will be producing that is surrounded by my hometown of Nevada, Missouri and is titled "Becoming the Heartbeat". The movie is set to be out around the ides of March.

My first child was born on March 14, Rylee Olivia, and has been a blessing ever since. She is an inspiration to my music projects, as well as just all around fun to be around, as well as her Mother is too!

There have been a few gigs this year, though I did not play any with Marci Mitchell, as the summer festival was the same week as a film fest when she played Nevada this year, so those days have faded. I have been spending time doing lots of solo work and will be releasing a "Best Of" CD this year as well as a few NEW songs!

Life as a DJ has been fun, as I joined the weekend cast at the local club "Viking's 528". It has been fun spinning lots of great music for the folks there, as well as sitting in with some of the bands, and even an occasional solo show performance there too!

Well that is a rap for now, please come out to one of my shows, and of course visit me at my Facebook page at

See you all for now!